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Haven Home Interiors

Meet Jenny Mason, proprietor of Haven Home Interiors,
who prides herself on animal friendly ethics.

I met Jenny on the second day of September inside her beautiful haven.

A little gem hidden amongst the pretty flora at Premier Plants of Ledsham on The Wirral Peninsular.
She opened her store just 8 months ago and they do it all…. pretty much! From your quirkiest living room designs to your comfortable everyday looks. Haven Home supply furnishings for your whole house, and they can even work alongside you in the design process. At The Haven you will also find a lovely selection of quality gifts. These qualities are not characteristic of your average High Street merchandise. So if you’re one of the many procrastinators out there, you’ll find a whole list of perfect last-minute ideas that won’t seem so last minute and won’t be so typical.

Growing up on The Wirral Peninsular proprietor Jenny Mason turned to creative work at the age of 14, working in a florist shop. “I was entrusted with all duties like any other member of staff, regardless of my young age” recalls the founder of Haven Home Interiors. “Throughout my life, I have always carried out any role given to me with passion, belief and a huge amount of positivity. To me the glass is always half full. Therefore, to me filling your life with people of the same ethos helps keep you on the right track. My parents have always been pivotal in my life, aiding me in all decision making in my times of need. I know how lucky I’ve been to have a really solid family unit & continue to appreciate all the little things they do for me”.

Creativity and family.

Having grown up surrounded by a positive family, Jenny wanted to follow her own path, “both my mum and dad couldn’t have been better role models throughout my 28 years. My mum for instilling my compassion towards both people & animals. And my Dad for being my mentor in everything Business, through his ability to make a success of pretty much anything. His advice to me has been invaluable and has enabled me to have the self-belief to see potential in every venture I put my heart into”.

At University Jenny studied Animal Behaviour & Welfare. One look at Jenny’s style both in her home interior choice as well as impeccable appearance, it’s obvious that she has an unquestionable amount of creative flair. But she assures me that helping animals will always be her vocation in life. Currently she is able to do this alongside her other passion – Interiors. Plus, she also runs a rescue helping injured wild animals from home. Namely Haven Watch! A percentage of all sales from The Haven Home Interiors goes towards helping the wildlife she helps prosper.

Freedom and Passions.

She acknowledges how lucky she is as the freedom – (but not in the sense you may assume) allows her to follow two passions, Jenny explains… “I’ve never had less ‘free’ time since starting my own business. The freedom to implement everything you see fit, whether it may be the smallest of decisions or the most important but to know that it all rests on you, fills me with a great feeling. Obviously I love meeting new people. Dealing with the loveliest members of the public, gaining support from people who just genuinely like what we do here at The Haven, couldn’t be better!”

She’s proud that the company helps bring awareness to rehabilitate wildlife and so she should be.

HAVEN WATCH is able to provide for otherwise helpless wildlife.

As a company Haven Home stay clear of products that may have negatively impacted animals lives in the process. Jenny became a vegan at the young age of 11 “Being a Vegan for primarily ethical reasons, it has lead me to delve into the variety of foods that are available but often not explored. I play an active part in rescuing injured wild animals within the area I live. Never a week goes by where I’m not carrying out some kind of Doctor Doolittle escapade. But it’s one of my many passions, and is second nature to me.

Travel has always been a major factor in my life. Australia, America, New Zealand, Dubai, Fiji, Kuala Lumper, Iceland are so far ticked off my ever growing list of places to step foot in. Travelling drives you to live for the day, grab opportunities and run with them”.

So how did Jenny take a leap from University to proprietor of Haven Home? “During my late teenage years, I saw an opportunity to capitalise on an up and coming market – Vintage Clothing. I began buying and selling second hand vintage clothing from a number of charity shops across the region. I would then photograph & later upload onto my eBay Business. This proved as a highly profitable venture during the space of time, whilst only in part time work (in a furniture store), time spared would always be spent pushing the Business – Dream Vintage. I reached a point where more produce was required, so I moved further afield to source clothing. Unfortunately, my time became more and more limited in allowing me to help drive Dream Vintage to where it needed to be”


By the age of 23 Jenny was Manager of two furniture stores. The year following, they opened a third at which point she became the Area Manager of all three. She was heavily involved in the buying, merchandised, logistics, marketing & advertising and inevitably the managing of up to 15 staff. The natural next step had to be her own business. She explains… “Working amongst and managing a diverse group of individuals over time has enabled me to understand the ways in which to increase morale, productivity & most importantly sales. Challenging my abilities allows me to always keep striving for more. My time within the company span over 10 years and the amount I have learnt through experience gained is invaluable”.

You can read more about Jenny and her products by visiting THE HAVEN HOME INTERIORS.
See HAVEN WATCH for a behind the scenes look at what they do for all the little lives saved through love for nature.

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