Review of the Canon EOS M50

I’ve just got a new baby, and it’s called the Canon M50.

Over the years I’ve evolved from full on baby portrait photography, to family photographer, and now Travel/Product/Food Photography.
I’ve carried my bulky aging DSLR’s and wide angle and zoom lenses on every trip. But of late I’ve been getting a little tired of carrying this weight around. So, instead I’ve reached for my phone, which is okay for the odd snapshot but it really doesn’t cut it for anything more. There are plenty of compact cameras out there that will take great travel images with a point and shoot, but if you want to take it up a notch and have around £600 to spend, then I can recommend the Canon M50.

The EOS M50 is Canon’s premium mirrorless camera.

It sits below the M5, and M6. They call this their entry-level, but frankly, Canon you’ve made a mistake ha ha. Indeed, my cameras are a little long in the tooth, but this little beauty in my opinion, is a step above my EOS 50D which cost around £1000 new. The M50 offers a new 24.1mp compared to 15mp on my 50D, plus 4K video and a mic socket, so it’s great for vlogging.
It has really great low light performance and a large electronic viewfinder, which you can adjust (if you sometimes wear glasses)
I could go on and on and probably bore you silly with the technical side, or you can read the full spec here.

If you’re new to photography you can use this in fully automated mode. But what’s great is I can set this to manual and it far exceeds my expectation given the price and size.

Shot with the 15mm-45mm lens.

taken with Canon M50

I asked for 3 requirements and spent a long time looking and researching to meet them.

Manual option

RAW images


I’m a stock contributor to several agencies so I need to have something reliable and light. It shoots RAW and it’s light to carry on my travels (390g) compared to around 800g for your average DSLR. The Canon M50 fits neatly in my handbag, so I need never miss a shot. Not to mention how stylish it looks, which sadly, does impress me…

Thank you Canon, for this delight of a camera, entry level (or not) you’ve made this (not too) old pro’s life easier!

Ultimately, I can give advice all day, but you have to decide which works better for you. So, I suggest going to a camera shop that has an M50 and try it out for yourself.