Using natural light to photograph children

So you see the perfect opportunity..

Your child is laughing playing naturally outside. The lighting is spot on but you know if you grab your camera their mood will change and you’ve lost that lovely shot.
If you start photographing your child from a very young age they’ll play to the camera. They won’t shy away, they’ll indulge and see it as something to enjoy.

You’re the parent so you have the benefit of choosing the correct timing.

I spent 2 hours with this gorgeous little guy, but he slept for 10 minutes! Mums and dads can wait around for the best shot. To photograph your new born in this style, dress them before you lay them down. The ideal age is between 4 and 14 days old, they (usually) sleep all day and photographing them whilst they sleep avoids unwanted expressions.. You’ll know when he cries, so you’re able to choose the very best moment. Make sure it’s a bright day so you can use the natural light which is best to photograph children.

Providing children with something to hold also gives them that welcome distraction. Have your camera ready, place your dressing up box outside, or next to the window for natural light on a bright day and open the lid..

As a professional photographer

My two lovelies had little choice than to make the camera their best friend. They’re oblivious to the lens. I’ve posed them for traditional studio shots and they’re a great keepsake but the images I adore most are the natural shots I’ve taken whilst they’ve played, (even now with toys or a pet!) These truly show their personality and will always be treasured.

Try to relax, your child will sense any tension created by studio style setups. Observe and enjoy watching your child everyday in normal situations. Get into a habit of carrying your camera. Leave it in the car boot and when you see that perfect shot. When your child is enjoying just being a kid and you see all their personality shine through, you can just press on the shutter….

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