Yay! Spring is in the air

So here we have Spring

The weather isn’t too reliable, but when it’s dry it’s a great time to take outdoor photographs. The sun doesn’t shine quite so much so the lighting is softer with less shadows to contend with, making it ideal for portraits outside using natural backgrounds and soft natural light. Using a zoom lens if you have one, don’t be afraid to crop in tight on your subject for a modern look. You’re taking a shot of the person not the tree behind.

It’s not just portraits that look good outside in the Spring.

It’s a great time to take landscapes when the buds are making an appearance, capture those pretty changing colours. Wide angle lenses are great for this seasons outdoor photography. Photographing Cornwall in the Summer is a difficult task, but shooting in popular resorts before the Summer season starts has many more benefits.

For your Spring Season Photography try…

Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Not too crowded in Spring, particularly if you get there when the students leave!
So no excuses now, take yourself off to all the popular British hotspots for some photography action before it turns too hot to focus the lens, wouldn’t that be nice 😉

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