Professional images to sell your home


If you’re selling your home or trying to let it and nobody seems interested, then it could be down to your images. Professional property photography will invite people to look at your business or home. A poor image will chase them running for the hills. We live in a digital world and rely on visuals to sell our products. It’s the same principle for bricks and mortar (not excluding quirky buildings who don’t have any bricks or mortar of course!)

I’m a professional property photographer

I can showcase your home or business. Photographing interiors and gardens require skills that your average estate agent doesn’t have, no offence Mr Estate Agent, you do a great job selling houses, just as I do a great job photographing them. Simply put. most estate agents aren’t professional photographers. I don’t just shoot the room I also prepare it. Just as a model is prepared before stepping on to the catwalk, your home needs a little help too.

We’ve all browsed online and skipped past the products with poor images.

Without even realising what we tell ourselves, these images, yes those blurred, poorly exposed shots are not worthy of our time. We race past and pause at the appealing shots, the ones that we imagine being in ourselves. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on DIY, of course it’s crucial to spruce up your home for when we get the buyers through the door, but if these efforts are not represented by good quality imagery you’ve just wasted your time and effort.
You may be reluctant to pay for photography fees. Why do this when you must pay the estate agent also?

But professional images do encourage buyers to view your property. So can you afford not to? That potential buyer may have overlooked your property, but they will definitely be looking at another one. That property almost certainly attracted them with good looking images. It’s just like putting the right clothes on for an interview, that very important first impression starts with you providing the best one that you can.

So for all your indoor and exterior shots it might be worth investing in a professional (like me!) It may just cost a little less than you imagine. Here’s a link to my property portfolio.

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