Images of Italy and Croatia

Italy and Croatia in beautiful images

I’m writing this for my sister, yes you know who you are! Because she still hasn’t seen Italy. WHAT!

So, when off I went on a cruise around the beautiful Italian coastline, taking in Italy and Croatia.

I actually didn’t work for a couple of weeks! Instead I swam, chatted, walked, ate, drank wine, talked some more, did salsa with my guy, sunbathed, made new friends, laughed, slept, read and discovered more new coffee shops that serve a bitter sweet tasting espresso…then I came back home with 200 snaps! So here’s my favourite few from my favourite cities…

Florence The Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stone arch bridge over the Arno River in Florence, Italy. It has shops built along it, as was once common of bridges in Italy and these are very nice shops indeed.

The Duomo Museum In Florence. The site of this magnificent building literally brought a tear to my eye and I thought my BF was going to get down on one knee..but he didn’t! (has since though 😉 )

From the beautiful floating city of Venice to the upmarket stunning island of Capri

And the finale… Dubrovnik Croatia, the home to some of the scenes from my fave.. “Game of Thrones”, this beautiful walled city next to the ocean took me by surprise. Definitely a must see!