A honeymoon in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean

It’s wild and wonderful and with over 2,000,000 residents an extremely bustling place to be. The Island of Sicily is situated off Southern Italy and lies with other surrounding islands. Its capital is Palermo “the culture capital of Italy” for 2018.

Well we got married in a beautiful barn on the 12th April 2018, a fantastic day was had by all and we flew to Sicily two days later. It was hot, beautiful, noisy, crazy, busy, quiet, peaceful and the architecture, well it’s just incredible.

The trip from the airport was the very worst car journey ever…..

The driver insisting that it was normal to drive double the speed limit! So, I had to be fake sick just, so he would slow down (it did work!) It’s handy that the vomit gesture is multilingual.

When we arrived I rapidly recovered from the panic attack as eyes feasted upon the beautiful beach at Isola Bella Bay, Taormina 

We stayed in a lovely hotel just 20 metres from the beach.

Taormina centre is only 5 minutes by cable car from the beach, but you can walk up the 550 or so steps in around 20 minutes. It’s exhausting, I won’t pretend otherwise, but well worth the climb. As a photographer I could stop to take a snap when I literally hadn’t any breath left, without having to admit that I wasn’t “quite as fit” as my hubby!

Taormina is a beautiful place, full of gorgeous architecture and designer shops.

Near the top is the Ancient Greek Theatre, which host concerts and international events. Noel Gallagher is performing in June 2018. Ticket Information here.

Stroll through the centre and peruse many Italian restaurants, and antique shops, or relax at one of the many outdoor bars or cafes, sit back and people watch (and there are plenty filling the lively streets even in April).

There’s so many places to see, amongst them the famous Mount Etna. But If you have time to visit more of this locality, then I would definitely recommend Savoco. You can take the hop on/off Godfather tour to the village. Walk up the hill to Bar Vitelli, it has an album of photographs from some scenes of “The Godfather II”. But, even with the Godfather history this village remains quiet and simply breath taking, it’s perched high overlooking the sea and is completely unspoilt. Small buses frequent the village (it has very high winding roads) but this village air has stayed so sweet, keeping its very typical Italian charm to perfection.  

To sum up, Taormina is one for your bucket list!


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